FORNEY is proud of our long history of working with the Student Section of the American Concrete Institute. It’s important to us to make our own contribution to the next generation of engineers developing the world’s infrastructure.

Last year FORNEY once again worked with 56 student teams from 10 countries to help test their skills in developing FRC Bowling Balls!

Creativity, as well as engineering skill were important in determining the best ball, with the highest strength and greatest concentricity. And this year, for the first time ever, competitors could view results anywhere, in real time, using the all new ForneyVaultTM.

ACI Bowling Ball Competition

 Concentricity was measured by actual bowling performance. Balls were released from an "engineered" ramp - no hook spin here!

 And an actual score was recorded!

Then the bowling balls were tested for strength and ductility. Strength versus deflection was measured using Forney's newest VFD technology with displacement control.

ACI Bowling Ball Competition

And the final result - enthusiastic students who put engineering know how and creativity into this very fun competition - and lots of broken bowling balls!

ACI Bowling Ball Competition