FORNEY was once again on hand to help determine the winner in this exciting annual competition. Fifty three student teams from a dozen countries tested their skills in design, manufacture and performance of fiber reinforced concrete bowling balls! Thoughtful engineering know how was important as the ability to predict performance was key in determining the best ball. Physical determination was made by measuring strength and concentricity vs. predicted values.

This year Forney deployed a customized version of its revolutionary ForneyVault® technology to allow not only on-site participants, but their supporting cast worldwide to monitor performance. Fellow students, professors, even friends and family were able to log in to the ACI ForneyVault and see where their team stood in the strength competition.

Check it out for yourself!

 Concentricity was measured by actual bowling performance. Balls were released from an "engineered" ramp - no hook spin here!


 And an actual score was recorded!

Then the bowling balls were tested for strength and ductility. Strength versus deflection was measured using Forney's newest VFD technology with displacement control.


And the final result - enthusiastic students who put engineering know how and creativity into this very fun competition - and lots of broken bowling balls!