FORNEY has been the "go to" resource for construction material testing machines for many years. Our clients know us as the “before and after” sale customer service experts, but our equipment rebuild and upgrade program gives "after the sale" a whole new meaning!

We regularly work with our customers to rehabilitate and upgrade older machines - often surpassing the quality of new equipment offered by others.

Here's a recent example:

This old Satec 600,000 lbf machine had seen better days. The machine had been set up using a large console to house the hydraulics and controls, but that used a lot of floor space. In addition, it had been retrofitted with multiple digitals, requiring multiple calibrations. The aging hydraulic unit was also utilized to operate a second testing frame placing a heavy burden on the old machine. Outdated, and no longer as reliable and accurate as newer machines, something needed to be done without "breaking the bank" and buying totally new equipment.

refurbish machine refurbish machine 2refurbish machine

The old machine frame was stripped down, cleaned, repainted and re-fit with new seals. The doors were discarded, and new doors, with Forney standard Lexan inserts for maximum visibility and dust control, were installed. The obsolete hydraulics and digital readouts were scrapped, and a brand new Forney VFD drive and control package were integrated into a new stand under the re-furbished frame. A simple valve on the front of the machine preserved the dual frame functionality, and both frames can now be controlled from the Forney touchscreen HMI (human machine interface).

Now the machine operates like a brand new machine, takes up less floor space, and the project was within our customer's budget - substantially less than the price of new!