About Forney LP

Founded by Joe Forney in 1916, Forney proudly celebrates our 104th anniversary!

Joe's son, Russ invented the purpose specific, concrete compression machine in the 1950s. His smaller, easy-to-use compression technology caught on with testing labs that couldn't afford huge testing machines, the only option at the time, and quickly became the worldwide industry standard.

It was Russ's spirit of entrepreneurship, generous soul and unique product offering that allowed many of his customers to open their own labs. And FORNEY grew and grew...

Today, we continue to innovate and offer thousands of scientific testing, measuring and processing instruments for the concrete, soils and asphalt industries worldwide. You'll find FORNEY in small test labs, universities, civil engineering firms, pre-casters, block producers, material producers, construction companies, energy companies, and government agencies.

FORNEY corporate headquarters is located near Zelienople PA, just 25 miles north of Pittsburgh, with manufacturing facilities and stocking warehouses in eastern and western United States.

Our account executives and dedicated sales rep team serve the world. These multilingual men and women can advise you on all aspects of testing, standards, protocols and state requirements . You can also buy 24/7/365 on our dedicated and secure e-commerce platform.

The Forney Technical Support Team comprises seasoned engineers and technicians who help you with special and complex testing requirements and equipment. Our Field Service Support Network travels the world to address your on-site calibration, repairs or service on-site or remotely.

As the leading manufacturer of testing equipment for the construction industry, we promise -- as we have for the past 60 years -- to support you in your vital work of making the world a safer and more accessible place.