Custom Machines for Special Applications

Work with Forney’s team of experts to design a machine that meets your unique needs while maintaining ASTM and ACI specifications.

Forney Specialty Testing Machines

Forney engineers can adapt machines to meet your specific needs. We work with professionals in civil engineering, DOTs, universities, manufacturing sectors and government agencies to deliver creative yet practical and cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

  • Manual or VFD Automatic Control
  • Backed by the best technical support team in the industry
  • Recent innovations include concrete railroad tie testers, proppant testers for hydraulic fracturing sand, tile testers and more

Forney Innovations


This custom-designed 100,000lbf capacity tester was designed to hold five 6×12-inch cylinders stacked longitudinally. The Forney design, with a range of 22,500 to 100,000lbf, closely simulates the anticipated loading age conditions so that accurate long-term measurements can be recorded. Deformation of the cylinders is monitored throughout the test via a mechanical bourdon type gauge.


Designed and built by Forney, the LT-8150 Series Compression Testing Machines are specifically designed for testing a variety of materials in compression and flexure – including cementitious and metallic materials like briquettes, cubes, cylinders, as well as other non-cementitious and non-metallic materials. Due to the high force capabilities of these machines – up to 1.5M lbf, they are particularly well suited to tests on larger specimens, higher strength specimens, or a combination of both. LT-8150 Series Compression Testing Machines can be equipped to measure Force, Displacement, Velocity and Strain.


Forney’s Pipe Tester kit consists of a steel weatherproof cabinet that houses the digital indicator, pump, hydraulic ram and hoses, and mounting cylinders. In combination with a Pipe Tester frame (either built by Forney or supplied by the customer), the kit becomes a complete Pipe Tester system.


This custom designed 60,000lbf capacity tester was specifically designed with a larger-than-standard opening to accommodate a stabilometer. It is an economical solution to a common need.


This custom-designed machine was adapted from a Forney Universal Tester with Extended Frame in order to test rebar with T-Caps in tension. Working with the customer, the Forney Engineering Team knew that maintaining frame rigidity would be extremely important. Taking a normal frame and doubling its overall height requires more than simply stretching the drawings—a myriad of calculations went into the creation of this machine. You probably didn’t know that changing the length of a machine changes the required testing speed! Our engineers know the ins and outs of machine building to meet specifications.


This custom machine is designed for the expression of pore solution from hardened portland cement pastes and mortar. The apparatus that is installed in the machine is designed to generate the 80,000 psi internal pressure needed to express pore fluid from the sample. Because of the high stress of the apparatus, the machine included Lexan doors at double the normal thickness, heavy-duty door latches, and door switches that prevent running the machine without closing the doors. The machine was also custom programmed to run the required cyclic test protocol.

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