Bring superior accuracy, consistency and repeatability to your testing process with Forney automatic control systems.

Automate the Way You Test

Manual control of material testing machines can be inefficient and highly variable. Forney VFD™ automatic controls allow you to run tests more accurately and consistently than humanly possible.


  • Eliminate errors and variability caused by discrepancies between operators, inconsistent machine setup, improper specimen identification, and undisciplined data collection
  • Run tests according to predefined testing protocols
  • Input meaningful data like specimen dimensions, weight, density, break type and more
  • Integrate test setup and data with connected platforms
  • Automatically generate test reports, archive, or even save to cloud storage
  • With a ForneyVault subscription, integrate with your LIMS or third-party software for test setup and stakeholder access

Make any machine AUTOMatic

Convert your manual machine into an automatic with our VFD Retropak controls. Forney’s automatic control systems work with compression, flexural, tension or any other type of specialty machine.

“We moved from three technicians for three machines to one technician for three machines. We saved in not just error reduction but also technician optimization and time.”

Javier Castillo, National Ready-Mix Concrete Quality Coordinator, LafargeHolcim, Mexico


The Forney Automatic VFD series offers better accuracy,
consistency and repeatability than manual machines.

  • Manual full advance, metering & hold controls are inconsistent and cause test specification violations
  • Overheating causes poorer load rate control, inconsistent tests and a shorter component life
  • Busy machine operators let manual tests run on “autopilot” creating imprecise test results
  • Write test results by hand or key into separate system
  • Automatic preloading and rate adjustments create consistent, repeatable tests that meet project specs
  • Energy-efficient hydraulic system eliminates excess oil flow, so machines run cooler and last longer
  • Busy machine operators can save time and let tests run on autopilot without impacting results
  • Store test results in machine storage, print reports and transfer results to USB flash drive or cloud-based network