Service & Repair


When equipment is down – productivity drops and customer commitments can be put at risk. Preventive maintenance scheduled at a time that suits your business will help ensure you get the most out of your materials testing equipment and minimize downtime and costs.

When repair is necessary, our experienced team has access to the documentation, factory specified parts, and tools required to maintain your equipment at its peak performance.

Service schedule includes: Cleaning, lubrication, and replacement of worn parts.

  • Roller Meters – $109 plus parts
  • Moisture Testers – $179 plus parts
  • Test Hammers – $90 plus parts
  • Air Meters – $149 plus parts

Don’t have a Forney Air Meter? No problem, we can maintain and repair ALL brands of Type B Air Meters.


To assure safe and effective handling of material and equipment returned to our facilities for repair, we follow a Repair Tracking Authorization and documentation process. The necessary steps are outlined below.

  • To have a Repair Tracking number issued, please fill out the request form and return it to us by email to [email protected]. If you have questions, contact our team at 800-367-6397
  • Once a completed Repair Tracking number is issued, be sure to place a copy of the form in the shipping carton with the returned equipment.


If you’re already a customer, the fastest way to get technical help is through our support ticketing system. Click to visit our Support page and our technical support team will get you answers ASAP.

Remember, ForneyVault® subscribers enjoy unlimited technical phone support for ForneyVault and your ForneyVault-enabled testing equipment


Our dedicated factory repair team of engineers and technicians have years of experience with your equipment and are familiar with all aspects of your testing system including the assembly and repair of electrical components, circuit boards, hydraulic actuators, and more. Our technicians have access to the tooling, lifting devices, and factory expertise necessary to repair and test the equipment’s performance. When a repair is conducted at one of our factories, the repaired products are satisfactorily tested and certified.

Testing Machines

  • Rebuild Pump and valve
  • Digital Upgrades
  • Calibration

Not sure if your testing machine can be economically refurbished?

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