Multi-Purpose Testing

Measure and control via a variety of axes and vector types—force, pressure, stress, strain and low-range force with one universal machine.

Forney Universal Testing Machines

Forney universal testing machines allow you to test a wide array of specimens with a capacity of 20,000 – 850,000lbf. in tension or 30,000 – 1,500,000lbf. in compression.

  • Manual, VFD Automatic or Closed Loop Control
  • Backed by the best technical support team in the industry
  • Extra rigid frame that exceeds ASTM and ACI specifications
  • Test cementitious and metallic materials like briquettes, cubes, cylinders, rebar, rebar with joints or T-Caps, and bolts, as well as other non-cementitious and non-metallic materials
  • Test in tension or compression
  • Test capable for: Modulus of Elasticity/Poisson’s Ratio, Proppant Crush Resistance, and Tensile Splitting tests
  • Measure force, displacement, velocity and strain.


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Bring truly automated testing to your lab or field environment with a Forney VFD testing machine. Accuracy, repeatability, and true automatic operations – Forney’s Automatic System carefully controls the test protocol to ensure your testing compliance.

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