Forney Control Systems

Featuring our powerful VFD technology — testing isn't finished until the data is in your customer's hands!

Manual control of material testing machines can be inconsistent and erratic.  That's one reason ASTM standards have wide tolerances for rate controls.  Discrepancies are common between operators. In fact, the testing technician can be the single weakest link in the material testing process.  Incorrect machine setup, specimen identification and assessment, undisciplined data collection - these are just a few of the problems that drag on your labs efficiency, integrity, and profitability.

Forney technology directly addresses many of these problems.  Our VFD automatic machines accurately control tests according to pre-determined protocol, to a much higher degree of accuracy than is humanly possible.  No variation between operators, and operator turnover is less of a problem.  The machines are quieter, last longer, and the best part - Forney machines serve as the first line of quality data collection.

Don't be fooled - most so called automatic machines require an intermediate computer to download and manipulate data before you can use it. That takes time, computer skills and data management controls that most labs aren't prepared for.

Automatic Control - The Forney VFD Series:

  • Controls testing according to pre-defined testing protocols.
  • Assimilates test data and can interface with Forney's state of the art ForneyVault TM technology.
  • Allows meaningful additional user input including actual specimen dimensions, weight, density, break type and more
  • Stores and transmits data for individual tests and shift summaries to USB or WiFi printers, USB flash drives, or network
  • Can automatically generate PDF test reports, archive, or even publish to cloud storage.
  • Can interface with cloud based web databases for test set up, and stakeholder access according to security protocol.
  • Can be equipped with bar code, or RFID reader to automate test setup according to specimen data

Check out the 10 inch, color touchscreen interface.

Manual Machines - The All New Forney Link TM

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Can't yet afford an automatic machine?  Bought a manual machine and now regret it?

Forney's continuous improvement program will help you future proof your lab and insure you remain competitive! Start with a ForneyLinkTM Touchscreen Interface. This powerful testing tool replaces your existing digital. It greatly facilitates test set up and data collection, and can interface with Forney's state of the art ForneyVault TM technology.

You can still use your existing pump and valve set up and run your machine manually until you're ready to further upgrade. Later, as your budget allows, purchase the rest of our CA-0397 Retropak.