Machine Types

FORNEY testing equipment for construction materials is renowned worldwide for the quality of the product, and the support of the organization behind it. Our equipment has been developed for, and proven in the harsh testing environment found in the construction industry. Our machines perform on a daily basis in the dusty, high shock conditions found at construction sites and in construction laboratories around the world.

We manufacture a wide range of machines with force capacity from as little as 30,000 lbf to 1,500,000 lbf, in frames configured to test concrete, cement and other materials.  Typical specimen types include: cubes, blocks, beams, cylinders, reinforcing bar, proppant (hydraulic fracturing sand).

We stock machines for the most commonly used testing protocols, but our machines can be configured to meet YOUR testing needs.  Contact your FORNEY Account Exec today to discuss the optimal set up your testing requirements.