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Does your machine ‘know’ what it’s testing? Forney introduces Connected controls to renowned fleet of construction materials testing machines.

Forney LP, the leading manufacturer of construction materials testing (CMT) machines, equipment and software, recently launched a new type of machine that eliminates the possibility of specimen misidentification at the machine. Using a Forney Connected Machine, a technician can load and test a specimen twice as fast and with complete assurance that they are testing the right specimen on the right date. To date, CMT labs that use Connected Machines have experienced 99.9%+ fewer manual errors and 66%+ increase in productivity.

‘Connected’ functionality is made possible through a two-way integration with ForneyVault, a software platform that provides powerful benefits before and after the lab test occurs:

Before Strength Testing: The Connected Machine ‘Knows’ What It’s Testing

  • Positive specimen identification via barcode scan
  • Pre-test “Smart Checks” based on preloaded sample and specimen data to validate sample date, sample size and type, expected strength, and specimen geometry
  • Calculate preload settings based on expected strength

After Strength Testing: More Than Just Automatic Data Transfer

  • Detailed XY plot data for every test performed
  • Alerts and notifications about calibration expiration, correction factors, individual low breaks, and excessive variance
  • Intelligent workflows for detailed reporting and approvals

“For over 100 years, Forney has been dedicated to supporting construction professionals’ vital work of making the world’s infrastructure safer,” said Jeff Dziki, Forney CEO. “This started with The Original Testing Machine®: the first-ever Compression Tester that provided a better and more affordable way of concrete testing to the industry. It continued with Automatic Machines and now testers can do even more with Connected Material Test Machines.”

Original testing machine
Forney introduced Automatic Machines in 2012, which offer automatic preloading and rate adjustments, energy-efficient hydraulics, and faster and more precise results. This innovation represented a major step change in how testing is accomplished by most labs today.

Increasing demand for transparency, efficiency and accuracy around testing data inspired Forney to continue to innovate, responding with Connected CMT Machines.

Get the quality, precision and dependability you know and love in Forney testing machines, now with Connected controls. Discover Connected Machines here, or get a Connected Machine quote today.

About Forney, LP

Forney LP is a material testing equipment innovator and distributor based in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, with additional facilities in Aurora, Colorado. Forney is the developer of ForneyVault®, an integrated construction materials testing platform. With ForneyVault, data flows seamlessly throughout the entire testing process, reducing the risk of errors, increasing compliance, and driving more positive outcomes for labs and other stakeholders in the process. Forney’s focus is on material testing equipment for cementitious materials like cement, mortar, grout and concrete for the construction industry, downhole cement and proppant materials for oil and gas industry, and general metals testing. Forney sells its products to more than 75 countries. For more information, visit