Test Results

You Can Trust

Bring accuracy, security and transparency to your testing process with our cloud-based integrated CMT platform.

ForneyVault is a test machine integrated software platform that increases surety, promoting compliance by eliminating error-prone manual tasks, and providing an auditable, unalterable data trail.

Move CMT
to the Cloud

ForneyVault connects testing machines, LIMS and other third-party software through a private cloud database – the result is improved test accuracy, a reduction in human error and increased trust and transparency in the testing process and the results published.

  1. Ensure results have been recorded and stored with 100% accuracy.
  2. Enable intelligent testing workflows
  3. Automate your manual data entry processes
  4. Provide an unbreakable, permanent record when someone wants to see detailed test results to verify compliance.
  5. Share data with key stakeholders in just a click

“ForneyVault is an indispensable tool for the Construction Materials Laboratory that cares about Quality and Efficiency. It is a “Must Have” for the laboratory with a high volume of concrete product testing.”


For Every Construction Project Stakeholder

With ForneyVault, test methods are always transparent, results are always trustworthy and project stakeholders are always certain.


Improve the reliability of your results and get more tests done faster and with less variance.

Governments & DOTs

Ensure materials meet regulations, project specs and safety standards.

Materials Producers

Improve the quality of your product while staying compliant with orders and specs.

Capital Project Owners

Verify the quality of construction materials used in all of your projects.

Patent No 11,061,041 was awarded by the USPTO for ForneyVault’s innovative CMT technology platform.